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Flash through the Future in Fourteen Days!

Did you imagine your entire home could be controlled with just your voice? Did you think you'd be living in the age where the flying car was invented? What if smart homes became mobile homes? What wonders await us in the future if our present is just the beginning?

Bloombloom and Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), under the Government of Kerala, in association with Technopark Today is organizing one of Kerala’s biggest digital tech conferences for beginners, the Future Tech Summit 2022.  The programme would be held on the 9th of May at 7 PM.

This 14-day live exploration will take you to the world of technology and the tech-leaders of today shall be leading the exploration. You shall meet an accomplished and passionate individual everyday to discover the opportunities in the future, the incredible world of Artificial Intelligence, the scope of Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Data Science, Web 3, and Cloud Computing. Furthermore. they shall experience the potential of the Metaverse, Game Development, and the Internet of Things (IoT), while getting a first hand introduction to the world of innovations and the role of start-ups in leading this change.

Industry Relevance

The world that awaits us is uncertain. The education we get is based on the world we know now. But the fourth industrial revolution shows us that the future will be completely different from today. Artificial Intelligence has evolved to replace all repetitive jobs with technology. Flying cars, data science, and 3D printed homes are few of the immense possibilities that the future would bring. We need to understand the future and the technology that shapes it before we plan our future. We need to understand how different the world would be, the role that tech plays in it, and the skills required to stay relevant because the concept of jobs and skills for life shall cease to exist.

Course Pre-Qualification

Anyone with a passion to succeed in the future

Course Pre-requisites

The motivation to self-learn online, and a streaming device witha strong internet connection

Recommended Audience

Anyone who is above 18 years of age who is uncertain about what to follow for their career

What will your students learn?

Through the course, you shall be exposed to 14 diverse opportunities that await you in the future. You shall discover the budding opportunities that shall change the future, trend that leads to the Industry 4.0 and unlock the area of their interest. You shall be introduced to topics such as data science, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing, and gain an insight regarding the scope they provide. You shall gain confidence to become someone who makes the future, instead of letting the future happen to you.

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The future that awaits us is completely different from the world of today. Every industry is evolving and technology is leading this change. This is an exploratory journey to understand how different the world would be, the role that tech plays in it, and the skills required to stay relevant.

Everyday a new innovation happens but there are some thrilling ones that are changing the world we see. From Virgin Galactic's commercial space shuttle to Tesla’s revolutionizing autonomous electric cars, learn all about the innovations changing the world. Maybe our teens will make some too!

Have you ever wondered how your phone unlocks using face recognition? How do you get customized ads on social media? Have you ever said “Okay Google” to your phone to search for your favourite restaurant? Familiarize AI-driven applications that we unknowingly use everyday and understand the impact of AI in our Everyday Life.

AI And Machine Learning are changing our world and powering the 4th Industrial Revolution. Learn about how much our world could be influenced by AI, its impact on industries, why it's replacing jobs and what our future shall look like in a matter of years.

We grow when we learn, but how do machines learn? And why? From Spotify suggesting songs similar to our favourites to ads popping up based on our interests, machines are constantly learning our likes and dislikes to improve our experience. Let’s understand how machines learn and predict based on our historical usage.

Cloud computing is the most preferred way of accessing software tools, documents, and other files over the internet. From small businesses and freelancers to large enterprises and supranational organizations, this computing services continues to gain popularity worldwide. Know more and learn more.

From counting the number of steps we took to measuring our heart rate, from smart bands to surveillance systems, the Internet of Things connects every sensor, smart appliance, and devices to each other to get a whole round experience. Understand the Internet of Things in building a high-tech

To learn by experiencing, to experience everything while you're in the comforts of your home, to learn how to do surgery using just a HoloLens, the possibilities are endless. Virtual and Augmented Realities are the future of games, healthcare, education, and so many other industries. Get a glimpse of its future, their applications and possibilities as the metaverse

The 300 billion dollar worth gaming industry is opening up immense employment opportunities in the future. Explore the enormous potential of this popular and incredibly fun industry for the future if our teens took one decision to go beyond games to even film-making!

GIS is a system that creates, manages, analyzes, and maps all types of data. It connects data to a map, integrating location data (where things are) with all types of descriptive information (what things are like there). It's a foundation for mapping and analysis that is used in science and almost every industry! Explore this incredible technology.

As the world goes more digital and automated the significance of cyber security is growing exponentially. Its relevance spans from our everyday lives to car hacking in the age of autonomous cars to the global defence system. With over 80,000 cyber attacks happening every day, we need more cyber warriors to keep us safe.

Automation is the creation and application of technologies to produce and deliver goods and services with minimal human intervention. Explore RPA and other technologies which makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that surpass humans actions by interacting with digital systems and software.

The next evolution of the internet is Web 3. It's envisioned as the freedom of the internet. How is that possible? But what does it hold? How does Blockchain, crypto, and NFTs play a part in this? Learn about the opportunities that are upcoming in the future in the revolution of Web 3.

Data scientist is currently the third most sought after job in the world and one of the most important elements that help run today's world. From medical diagnostics to disaster management, marketing trends to consumer behaviour, data contributes significantly for accurate predictions and results. Understand why data is considered to be the new oil.


No Fixed Schedule

Skills Acquired

  • Future Awareness

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Science

  • Cloud Computing

  • Machine Learning

  • Cyber Security

  • IoT

  • Game Development

  • Metaverse

  • Web3

  • RPA

  • Starting up

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