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Expert Level (L4) Course in Java for Absolute Beginners

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Fully Live-Active-Interactive Course Produced by JThread, a Leader in the Java Talent Development

Would you like to leverage the power of Java and build a successful career in the coding world? Well, with this course, you can now deep dive into the world of Java, explore the various opportunities and understand why Java is simple yet powerful!

The course takes you through the basics of Java, spring boot, MySQL and much more! By the end of the course, you shall be enabled to code Java like a pro!

The programme is a fully online and live-active interactive course, for anyone 18 years and up. If you are looking to build your career in the programming world and create a future in this code-driven world, register now and become a Java wiz!

The course is produced by Jthread, one of the best in Java talent development in the country. The Author of the course and Educators are industry experts and their experience is as old as JAVA. Everyone teaches ‘ WHAT’, but with us, the methodology is through ‘WHAT’ as well as ‘WHY’. This is a truly industry-oriented and co-curated programme. The highlight of the course is the learn-by-doing approach, thus, making the learning active and engaging. Jthread has contributed more than 1000 Java developers to the Kerala talent pool.

Industry Relevance

Get ready to code Java and join us today!

Java is one of the most frequently used programming languages and it is the fastest, most secure and most reliable of all languages. Due to its widespread popularity in the coding world, Java has been used in many of our electronic devices and various other software like game development, IoT and so on. Due to its simplicity, reliability and ease of use, various mobile apps like Tinder and Uber to tech giants like Apple, Facebook and Amazon, all have java in their fundamental system! Various Companies in the Kerala ecosystem such as Quest, UST Global, and IBS hire Java freshers, in scale, every year.

Java, JavaScript and SQL developers are the most in-demand roles in 2022, according to a Mercer | Mettl report. As per Indeed.com, the average salary of a Java full stack developer in India is around 7.5 Lakhs per annum. It offers you a range of opportunities in core Java-based server-side applications, J2EE web, and enterprise applications

Right now, the Industry is in search of creative developers who not only have a passion for coding but also have innovative ideas to solve problems. And this is why the course is carefully curated to provide you with a kick-start to enable you with the right skills to become a capable and passionate developer of the future!

Course Pre-Qualification

Basic computer knowledge

Course Pre-requisites

A laptop with strong interet connection & JDK installed

Recommended Audience

Anyone looking to kick-start a career in Java; PG & UG graduates and students

What will your students learn?

Setting up Java in Windows. Foundation in Java. Deep Understanding of Programming Concepts. Experience in MySQL & Springboot. Managing Databases and Manipulation of Data with MySQL.

35000 INR

This course begins in

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  • 3D Logo Live and Interactive
  • 3D Logo 180 hours
  • 3D Logo 180 Learning Credits
  • 3D Logo 2 Months Duration
  • 3D Logo Best suited for 18-years-old & Above
  • 3D Logo Online Mode
  • 3D Logo Start date : 15-12-2022
  • 3D Logo Beginner Level
  • 3D Logo English


Java Class Design

Advanced Class Design

Object-Oriented Design Principles

Operators, Control Statements

Arrays, Type Casting

Abstract Classes, Interfaces

Wrapper Classes

String Processing

StringBuffer, StringBuilder

Method Overloading, Method Overriding


Java I/O




Design Patterns


Spring IOC

Spring Template

Spring MVC

Spring Boot

Spring Data JPA

REST API with Spring




GIT Version Control




React JS

Personality Development


Three Class per Week

Skills Acquired

  • Core Java

  • SQL

  • MySQL

  • Spring

  • Springboot

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