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One Year Exploratory Programme to Discover both - Your True Potential & The Real World Possibilities. Here it's only about what you love to learn.

Let Your True Potential Meet the Real World of Possibilities. 

Bloom Explore is a one year exploratory programme to discover your true potential and the real world of possibilities that awaits you. Exploration is key to discovery and this one year is all about Exploration for you. 

Bloom Quotient is the new employability quotient — Your key to your dream future! You acquire this through consistent and continuous engagement through the platform

Industry Relevance

Do you know why people who end up in 'Any Job', gradually starts saying its ‘STRESS’ at work? They are always haunted to ‘QUIT’ but then there is their ‘EMI PRESSURE’ that never lets them. This conflict spoils the charm in our lives. Life is about being happy. What’s your happiness Quotient? 

To not end up in ‘ANY JOB’, its highly important to first understand Your Fullest Potential. Have you discovered it yet?

No? Then, it’s high time. 

Yes? Then, do you really know the ‘Real World Possibilities’ that await you? 

Do you know there are amazing opportunities that awaits us in areas of our passion, where we can utilise our fullest potential. But most times, we fail in reaching there!

The need is an Intersection between 'Your True Potential' and 'Real World Possibilities'.
Self-realisation is the key to live a happy and successful life.

The world needs more Creators, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Change-makers. The skills needed for future have hugely changed and the key skills are Learnability, Enterprising Mindset, Social Skills, Challenging-taking Mindset, Inquisitiveness, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving Skills, Imagination & Creativity. Its not about "AI or ML", it's an all new Creative Culture that's on demand for the industries.

The industry needs passionate people with an enterprising and creative mindset.

Are you One?

Course Pre-Qualification

For the ones whom the quality of life matters

Recommended Audience

18+ Years

What will your students learn?

Discover your passion, Understand your true potential, Learn what you love from Inspiring leaders, Explore the ‘Real World of Exciting Opportunities’ that awaits the ‘True You’, Build your Bloom Quotient and get recognised!

18000 INR

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Exploratory & Inspirational Workshops, Masterclasses, Lectures & Seminars

Mentorships, Community Meetups & Industry Interactions

Conferences & Expos

Sessions are taken by Industry leaders and Passionate Practitioners (Global & Local), Communities & Corporates


One Class per Week

Skills Acquired

  • Learnability

  • Enterprising Mindset

  • Collaboration

  • Social Skills

  • Inquisitiveness

  • Critical Thinking

  • Imagination

  • Creativity

  • Problem Solving

  • Challenge-taking

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