The Young Ideators Festival 2023 (Creativity & Personality)


Welcome to the Young Ideators Festival 2023 co-presented by the Indian Institute of Performing Arts & Bloombloom, where ideas are celebrated and no idea is branded as “impossible” or “too crazy”!

The Young Ideators Festival is an ideathon where we discover and recognise innovative & novel ideas of children between ages 8 and 18 in 3 major categories- Tech, Science & Creativity & Personality.

The ideathon shall be split into two age groups—8 to 13-year-olds & 14 to 18-year-olds. Candidates can either participate as an individual or as a team. They shall choose a topic based on the guiding themes. They can also associate with external mentors or professionals in the phase of creating it.

The Guiding Themes for Creativity & Personality Category are as follows:

- Creativity for social good (general)
- Creativity for energy & environment
- Creativity for mobility, transport & automotive
- Creativity for sports
- Creativity for home
- Creativity for life (Plants, Animals)
- Creativity for health
- Creativity for social security & safety and natural disaster
- Creativity for media & entertainment
- Creativity for Design (Ex: Fashion, Retail)
- Creativity for History, Culture, Tradition Participants can choose any of the guiding themes mentioned above and create a solution & submit it as a Document, Presentation, Art, Writing or Video Footage along with their school identification.

 The shortlisting of participants will happen in 3 Levels.

- Level 1: Shortlisting of 100 submissions from 3 categories (33 from each category & 1 from any of the 3 categories) will be done by the panellists through reviewing the submissions.
- Level 2: The panellists will shortlist 30 submissions from 3 categories (10 from each category) through a round of pitching their solution.
- Level 3 - The shortlisting of the top 3 solutions (1 from each category) by the panellist go through a round of on-ground pitching (review by the panellist will be online, but you will be presenting the solutions offline).
- Individuals or teams stand a chance to secure the rewards & prizes, so bring your best solutions, everyone!
- We believe that rather than just testing your individual skills, it is more important to notice your collaboration traits! This is why you can either choose assistance or mentorship from anyone for your idea!

Also, note that you can work on any specific problems around these themes. Problems that do not fall under any themes given above can be submitted through the general (creativity for social good) theme.

Science, Technology and Engineering are often regarded as the “best problem solvers ” to most global or local problems…but why not creativity or personality? This is something we’d like to know through the young ideators festival 2023! Share with us how you can discover a real-world problem that has touched you, express it and influence it through your creativity and personality! Whether it's in an article, photography, painting, poem, writing, play, song, design, a vlog or even a documentary, the possibilities are endless! P.S. You may submit a work that you have created before!

- You can either participate as an individual or as a team
- A team can have a maximum of 3 participants
- If you're participating as a team, make sure to add the details of all the members while registering for the challenge
- You can participate in any/ all of the 3 Categories (you need to apply separately)
- Click on "Apply Now" on the challenge landing page and fill in all the details
- Choose any of the guiding themes from the list of topics mentioned
- The solutions shall be submitted as a Document, Presentation, Art, Writing or Video Footage along with their school identification.
- The application will be closed on the 5th of January and the submissions will be closed on the 7th of January

Scheduled Dates

- Level 1: 10th December 2022
- Level 2: 16th January 2023
- Level 3: 10th February 2023

Selection Criteria

The points are split into 4 parts:   
- 20% weightage would be given for the problem identification (The relevance, the need, etc)
- 25% weightage would be given for the ideation (Model, Planning, Practical Aspects, etc)
- 25% weightage would be given for the idea presentation (Documentation/ Video/ writings/ Presentation/ Prototype/ Product)
- 30% weightage would be given for the quality and perfection of the idea (More effort = more value)

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