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Reflections Info System is bringing you The Reflections Automotive Challenge powered by Bloombloom, in association with the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) & Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) under the Govt. of Kerala, Start2Scale Consulting, Technoparktoday, and B-HUB where students can help solve one of the most pressing problems in the rapidly transforming automotive industry!

The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world by the revenue it generates. As technology advances the opportunities, advancement, and challenges increase multifold in the industry across the globe. The world is now looking for autonomous cars and steadily looking to bridge the gap between human interventions and technology to make a car that suits all your needs. There are hundreds of problems that require solutions and one of the pressing problems in the industry is if our car faces a problem, which we aren’t equipped to fix or diagnose, what would we do? Especially, if it is in the middle of nowhere?

The vehicles of today and the future require highly versatile onboard diagnostic systems that can detect and recognize errors and possible malfunctions. There is a huge demand for new and improved solutions that can help achieve this. The need of the hour is for diagnostic systems that can engage the self-repair features once the issue is identified or ones that can give directions to the drivers or technicians about the correct remedial actions when a DTC code is produced or an issue 'lights up'.

1. Find a solution that gives the guidelines/ remedial actions for the diagnostic warning. The solution is open to the contestants in terms of their understanding of the problem statement, depending on their perspective of ideas and innovation.

2. Few sample DTC codes along with their descriptions and solutions shall be shared for reference.

3. A complete end-to-end solution needs to be built with a UI.

4. For the Phase 1 Ideathon, a proposal of the idea needs to be submitted and presented. The shortlisted teams will be taken forward to the next round. The proposal should cover the following sections.

  • Solution Description

  • Value Proposition

  • Solution Architecture

  • Technology Stack

  • Non-Functional Requirements

5. Phase 1 Ideathon evaluation will be done based on the following factors and weightage.

  •  Innovative Idea: 50%

  • Technical Aspects (Architecture, concept, and solution): 25%

  • Solution Extensibility: 25% 

6. A final presentation needs to be done for a given duration after Phase 2 Prototyping is completed.

7. Phase 2 Prototyping evaluation will be done based on the following factors and weightage.

  • Business Value and Solution Pitch: 40%

  • Performance and Operational Excellence: 30%

  • Demo (Architecture, concept): 15%

  • User Experience: 15%

How can you Participate?
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Who can Participate?

  • UG/ PG Grads, who could join the company soon. 

  • Failed/ Successful Campus-based Startups & Teams.

  • Any location, Any Degree, Any Stream.

  • No Bar on Grades!

Important Dates

Registration Starts: 27th November 2021 

Registration Ends: 3rd January 2021 

Ideathon: 27th November 2021 to 5th January

Announcement of Shortlisted Candidates: 31st December

Idea Showcase: Pitch & Presentation: 2nd to 10th January

Prototyping Phase: 12th to 26th January

Product Presentation: 27th to 30th January

Winner Announcement: 31st January

Prize Distribution Ceremony: 14th February

Scale of the challenge
Severity of the Challenge


The best-prototyped solution will win ₹ 2,00,000/-
The Second Prize is ₹ 50,000/-
The Third Prize is ₹ 25,000/-

That’s not all,

Exciting Hiring Opportunities for Top 25 Participants
Acqui-hiring Opportunities for Top Teams/ Failed-Campus based Startups who qualify
Internship Opportunities for the qualified teams/ individuals to accelerate their talent
Mentorship Opportunities are available during the challenge!
Panelists & Mentors include Google Automotive Services Leaders. Opportunities await for you to meet and interact with them live!
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FLY Ambulance

FLY Ambulance is the open key of risk people for inaccessible areas people we reach out all the location in all the situation to get sick people it will face the high traffic in emergency time


Smart Diagnostic System for Autonomous Vehicles

Smart Diagnostic System for Autonomous Vehicles is a technology stack for complete diagnosis of the vehicle with error detection and self-repair features which guides the driver with suitable instructions at hard times and also provides/maintains a safe/comfortable driving atmosphere for the driver and safe travelling atmosphere for the passengers.


Early Damage detection

In these scenario the sensor can detect the damaged body parts quickly .The software can compare the data from body parts of vehicle and 3d diagram that programed in it

Vysakh Cv


mechatronics, artificial intelligence, and multi-agent systems are some tech stuff that can automate every task of an automobile. Powerful device drivers is the only solution for self repairing tasks. This project give a view of how , where ,what technology can be used to solve self troubleshooting issues.

Dommati Manikanta

Chucking viscosity, density, temperature and oil level of the engine oil in an automobile, and report if any of which falls below the permissible level

Low engine oil level can cause your engine to underperform significantly, something which is again caused due to delayed car service and aggressive driving. It is not all healthy to make your car run at low engine oil level, it causes wear and tear of many engine in order to prevent any major damages to the engine. Timely engine oil chucking is must. To check oil property sensor (FPS 2800 fluid property sensor) is used that will not only oil level, but also viscosity, density and temperature.

Rahul aragi

temprature recognisation

This project gets a solution for a car to recognize the solution for the increase in its temperature and make sure not to get it worse, which is the most frequent problem in day to day traveling. I am sure this would be very helpful for all of us . Thank you

Sadhiya kuttiyil

Vanali - One-stop solution for all automobile diagnostics and emergency services

The device consist of various sensors that helps in easy tracking and diagnosis of automobiles. It is an IoT system which is backed by the "Vanali" app that helps in easy monitoring of the various sections of one's vehicle.


A application to allow users to diagnose malfunctions in their vehicles by audio deep learning informs the user about the issue at hand, and also gives the severity and service recommendation for the same.


Fault detection and solution providing system

The aim of the project is to provide the best solution for the detected problem.

Mamata J Arali

Cloud based vehicle controlling System

The use of having this technology will be able to control their vehcle and can monitor it’s perfomance without engaging in a direct contact with vehicle. In the case of a theft ,the vehicle ower can navigate their vehicle and able to control full access to the vehicle.

Sourav Rajeev M

Self charging cars

Here my project is self charging cars by 3 ways: mechanical, wind and solar energy. In mechanical car will get charged by the help of dynamo or alternatert produces electricity when moving of tire and from wind energy a fan place in upper on car from that we get energy

Ahammed Aslam

Self protection

In this if any type of accident came in car , at that point of time a protective layer ( not airbag the pic that I uploaded)will came from car and it will be help full also prevent from fire,road and water accident .


Visualising Vehicle Diagnostics with AR

The idea helps the Driver understand the DTC code by putting AR version of fault.The DTC code is transmitted to forum where Video Consultation can be taken,vehicle being in remote area. The In-Car App would Display an IDEAL SPEED for the vehicle to eliminate engine idling .

Suraj Kumar

Diagnosing dead cell in a battery

My project is to detect a dead cell of a battery and replacing that to produce the required voltage supply in order to start a vehicle.

Parthiban M


Adaptation from mechanical systems to electrical has been a transition with huge opportunity. But the problem which arose during this transition was lack of knowhow to repair or take care of our electronic components. Introducinng Scanrect IoT Based Pluggable OBD Device for fault identification and remote rectification and performance tuning.

Prathyash J Binu


Basically our project is to protect lithium iron battery used in electric cars from exploding and save battery life by controlling temperature using thermo method

Ananda Vaishnav


An intelligent connectivity is established between a server and vehicles of similar model.Our server collects all the information from the DTC and uses a predictive model to predict for failures that may occur after analyzing the current state of the car and comparing the other vechicles of same model.

Ajmal ps

Vehicle condition and malfunction detection.



AID (Automobile Intelligent Diagnostic)

We look forward to create a Artificial Intelligence for automobile called AID system. As the name suggests, this will help in self diagnostic of the vehicle and small internal repairs/alerts. We look forward to expand the innovations as technology advances in the future.

saurabh setia