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Bloombloom is the talent discovery and talent development Partner for several Global Funded Startups and MNCs. We run Talent Acceleration Programmes for the Iconic corporates as well as startups. In this new age of automation, the talent requirements have totally changed. Skills that are on demand are Learnability, Social skills, Challenge-taking mindset, Problem solving skills, Inquisitive mindset, Creativity, Imagination, Critical thinking and so on, apart from other hard skills or rather the technical or scientific skills. We call it the Creamy-Creative-Enterprising layer of talent. 

Bloombloom is on the hunt for 3000+ such talent. Are you one?

Over and above this, we would want to discover the best version of yourself and connect with the right opportunity, and help you bloom! For us, your Passion, Perks and Pride matters. We have done a li'l innovation called the Bloom Quotient, to realise this. Get 'OfferX' based on your 'Bloom Quotients'.

Bloombloom is on the lookout for enterprising fresh talent, who have passed out in the year 2021 & 2022, for multiple challenging and fast-growing roles and opportunities. This is a hiring challenge to understand the 'Real you' and your Bloom Quotient. You could showcase any one or all of the following: Startups you may have founded or have been a part of during your campus days, academic or other projects you may have done, products or prototypes that you may have done, internships you have taken up, and, finally, your resume highlighting the real you.

1. Eligible candidates shall apply to the hiring challenge with your basic information for registration.

2. Submit/ upload the startups you have founded, internships you may have taken up, academic or other projects, and products or prototypes that you may have done for shortlisting:

Please update the BQ Form: https://forms.gle/iVYURcAMsSV4HAEw8

3. Kindly upload a resume that represents the real you in the submission section of the challenge. 

4. Selected candidates shall be called for the next steps of the selection process.

There are 3 steps for a successful application:

1. Click on Apply Now on the challenge page to sign up. Verify your Email ID with an OTP (OTP usually reaches the promotion section of Email) 

2. Once you sign up, click on Apply Now button again to apply for the challenge.

3. Fill the BQ form mentioned in the instructions ( This will help us get a better idea about your passion and your goals which will be used for shortlisting process and also share further updates on events and opportunities taking place at Bloombloom)

Supported Formats:

Kindly use the following formats to upload your files: PDF, JPEG, Word Docx, PPT, URLs

Please refrain from uploading videos of any kind. We'd appreciate it if you can share it in the form of drive links or YouTube URLs.

File Size:

Kindly make sure that every file uploaded is below 10 MB. You can upload multiple files as long as each comes below the threshold.


Graduating batches in 2020-21 & 2021-22
Job Location: It can be anywhere in Kerala, Karnataka
Eligibility Criteria: Varies according to the requirement
Qualification: BTech/ BE any branch, MCA, MBA, CA, 
BCA, BSc, BA, B.Com (Any discipline)

Scale of the challenge
Severity of the Challenge


For us, your Passion, Perks, and Pride matter.

Passion - Do work that you love and makes you happy. 
Perk - Unlock 'OfferX'  and earn X times your ordinary offer.
Pride - Be a part of the MNCs and globally funded startups that are changing the world.

'OfferX' is a unique offering of Bloombloom where you get a chance to earn 1 to 1.5 times your normal offer including various additional benefits. This truly depends on the level you unlock with your 'Bloom Quotients'. Your Bloom Quotient is derived from the BQ form mentioned above in the 'Instructions' section.




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